Rockhounding 2020 Lumina

A Fresh Start 2020

It’s going to be a great year!  

Rockhounding 2020
March 8th was a beautiful start to the 2020 rockhounding season.  After a busy winter of shows and stocking stores, it was well past time to get out and get in the dirt.  Jordan and I snuck out for a couple hours in Goffstown.  She found some beautiful beryl and I uncovered some nice garnets in mica and biotite.   This should be a very active rockhounding season as I am recovering well after a painful back injury.  I am going to blog after each trip this year and accompany each blog with pictures.  I am going to give Vlogging a try this year as I am purchasing a Go Pro in the next few weeks.  I will keep you up to date on all trips and let you know where you can log in to check out the Vlog.  This will hopefully be our most active season yet.  I hope you follow on this journey with us as we explore the beauty the earth has to offer.  

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