The Deeper Reason to Own a Mineral, Crystal, Precious or Semi Precious Gem Stone

Today there is so much information about minerals, precious and semi precious gem stones and there metaphysical and healing qualities.  There is also much debate in many religions about the application or belief in these qualities.

Minerals, precious and semi precious gem stones have been around and adorning clergy since the beginning.  What there true intent was I am not certain as there is much debate.

Why own a mineral, crystal, precious or semi precious gemstone.

  • Maybe you have chosen to have one simply because it is beautiful. 
  • Maybe it matches your new outfit.
  • Maybe you have chosen one because of its metaphysical and healing properties.
  • Perhaps it is in the form of a blessed Rosary that you pray on everyday.
  • Maybe not unlike a blessed metal you have purchased and had one blessed as a reminder to pray and give thanks to the God.
  • Maybe it is used as a sacramental.
  • Maybe it is symbolic for you not unlike the wedding ring or the ecclesiastical rings of the clergy.
  • You could have purchased one as a gift for someone who might enjoy it for their very own reasons.

Regardless of why you own a mineral, crystal, precious or semi precious gem stone one things is for certain we hope you will enjoy them.  

Should you like to learn more about some of these things please feel free to utilize and reference the links below.