The Meaning & History of Gem Stones

Today there is so much information about minerals, precious and semi precious gem stones.  

  • Minerals and gem stones have been used for trade as currency through the ages.  
  • Gem stones and minerals help to identify an individuals status in their community.
    • Kings, Queens and tribal leaders around the globe were and are adorned with them.  
    • Priests and clergymen throughout time have worn minerals and gem stones to symbolize their ranking, positions and status.  
  • Dating back to 1500 BC, Greeks, Romans & Egyptians believed that gems and minerals possessed powers or metaphysical properties. 

The purpose of gems and minerals has been cause for much debate over the years in many religions and societies around the world.

Why you enjoy gems and minerals today is only for you to decide.  

Why own a mineral, crystal, precious or semi precious gemstone.

  • Maybe you have chosen to have one simply because it is beautiful. 

  • By chance it could match your new outfit or decor in your home.
  • It is possible that it is symbolic for you, not unlike a wedding ring or an anniversary gift.
  • Maybe you have chosen one because of its metaphysical and healing properties.
  • Perchance it is in the form of prayers beads, a rosary or the ecclesiastical rings of the clergy.
  • It could be that you generously have chosen to purchase one as a gift for someone who might enjoy it for their very own reasons.

Regardless of why you own, or wish to purchase, a mineral, crystal, precious or semi precious gem stone, one thing is certain, we hope you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed choosing and mining them for you.

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