Sitting Right On It Pocket

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 Sitting Right On It Pocket

Visit us on our new You Tube channel titled, "The Rockhounders' Vug" and enjoy the 'Sitting Right On It Pocket' video. (Click on the link below or copy & paste it into your web browser)


The Rockhounders' Vug" has been created so other rockhounds, new or experienced, or anyone for that matter can enjoy the exciting times we have exploring the beauty the world has to offer. We will be searching and digging for amethyst, smokey quartz, beryl, aquamarine, tourmalines, Herkimer Diamonds and many other minerals. We hope you come with us on our journey and many adventures. If you like what you see, visit where you can purchase mineral specimens. Here you can see the raw beauty of what is found in the earth transformed into one of a kind jewelry. There are also many other products to choose from. Mine your own bags, business card holders, wine glass charms, and new products coming all the time. It has been a dream come true to take the passion of rockhounding and share it with so many of you through this channel and the many creations we have to share.



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