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Garnet Argentium Silver Wrap Ring

Garnet Argentium Silver Wrap Ring

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Argentium Silver Garnet Wrap Ring.  
Adjustable (1 size fits most)

Mined in Maine

(Please Note: In one of the pictures the Garnet Ring is seen with a Rock Specimen That contains Garnets.   This is a prop and is not included with the purchase. Additionally, there may be pictures with more than one product; however, each purchase is for one Garnet Ring.)

Every Lumina Product is created with the same craftsmanship. Although your purchase will not exactly match the one pictured here, due to the nature of how these crystals are formed, it will be the same approximate design.   Each ring is handmade in our Lumina lab and will be matched as closely as possible to one of the rings in the photograph shown. 

How To Fit:

The Ring is created so that it can wrap around ones fInger, allowing it to be suitable to fit most anyone. Simply place on your finger and adjust in a wrap around fashion until the wrap ring fits comfortably.


Lumina's gem stones are hand mined by Lumina. Then after our rock hounding adventure the finds are brought back to Lumina's Lab where they are cleaned, sorted, weighed, and classified. The Wrap Ring is then created using Argentium Silver wire.  The perfect Garnet Specimen is then chosen to accompany the ring and it is then set in the Argentium Silver wrap showcasing it's raw, straight from the earth beauty. 


Hand wire wrapped, epoxy secured.

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